- PVC SOL is produced by mixing PVC base with additives and plasticizer to obtain required properties of products, and going through the process of deairing under vacuum and filtrating in a mixer. With its excellent sealing capability, it is used for LUG caps, CROWN caps and others.
Kinds Description Application
LUG CAP LUG caps for general purposeGood sealing capability
Fruit juice, Healthy drinks
CROWN CAP CROWN caps for soybean milkGood sealing capability Vegemil
XRB CAP Used in application requiring low stiffnessExcellent sealing capability Soybean milk, Coffee, Baby food
Anti-microbial SOL Improved anti-microbial properties Fruit juice, Healthy drinks, coffee, Vegemil
PVC SOL, originally in liquid state, has to go through the process of vacuum deairing to transform into gel when it is manufactured. Inside of gelled caps can be fit tightly with bottles to provide excellent elasticity and maximum sealing capability
This is beneficial to keep food sanitary for a long period and to maintain regular vacuum pressure of containers for fully vacuum-packed products